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Let's Make History Together

We want to bring a minor league soccer club to Grand Rapids, with your help that will be achievable.

Our first goal for the club is to establish a close relationship with the community, youth soccer clubs, and charities in West Michigan. We have already had conversations with area youth organizations regarding numerous initiatives to do just that.

Our second goal is to compete in one of the lower tiers of soccer in the United States Soccer Federation pyramid, which would provide a potential stepping stone to an even bigger future for soccer in our city.

There is a thriving soccer community in West Michigan, and Grand Rapids FC will fill the void for thousands of active youth and adult soccer players, as well as fans who are ready to have a home team to root for; more importantly, all of whom will have the opportunity to have a voice in this new team.

It is our sincere hope that you see the value in becoming a member of what will be the most unique Grand Rapids sports club in the history of our great city!

"One City, One Club"

We welcome you as a member of Grand Rapids FC! By signing up today, you will receive:

Your $100 membership is valid from the day of sign-up until the end of our proposed first season of play.

The membership process is simple. There is a Donate button for your chosen option. We'll obtain your contact information from the Paypal transaction so please ensure your details on Paypal are correct!

We are also accepting donations of any amount to aid the cause. If you would prefer to donate as opposed to becoming a member, just use the second option.

We'll pass you over to Paypal to securely complete the process.

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