Founding Sponsor Returns for 2017

SpeakEZ Lounge Returns as 2017 Sponsor

Grand Rapids Football Club is proud to announce that Founding Sponsor SpeakEZ Lounge will return as a corporate partner for the 2017 National Premier Soccer League season. As a part of the agreement, the SpeakEZ logo will be placed on the sleeve of the jerseys during the campaign.

“SpeakEZ Lounge is thrilled to be The Founding Sponsor of GRFC and we are delighted for the return of Our Boys (and now Ladies) In Blue! It has been our honor to be with GRFC from the very beginning and a joy to watch the growth of the Beautiful Game in West Michigan! From GRFC, to the Premier League, to World Cup SpeakEZ remains West Michigan’s home for soccer. Our heartiest “One City One Club” to GRFC and our loudest cheer of congratulations to Matt Roberts for the unimaginable progress he has made in making GRFC a vibrant part of West Michigan. We at SpeakEZ Lounge salute you!”
– Eric Albertson, Owner, SpeakEZ Lounge

Want to become a sponsor of GRFC? Head to:

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